About us

Skok d.o.o. is company established in 1990. Since then, we are in business with import-export and marketing. Feeling new possibilities, in 2001. we started with turistic activity, and build apartments in Premantura. We are hoping to expand our business with snack-bar, organizing excursions with boat, and renting bikes. We are also planing to buy a bigger boat for a few day long cruising. Premantura is pitoresc small town 10 km away from center of city Pula. It is placed on protected area – nature park Kamenjak, which dominates on southern part of the biggest and the most beautifull croatian peninsula Istra.

Premantura is also a place of joyful comings and lasting remembers, therefore it gives possibility for meetings and friendships in totally different surrounding for body and soul. It is ideal place for peace and vacation, but full of opportunities for recreation and sports, on water and on the ground. This unique area offers 9,5 km long coast, with number of small beaches on east and west side. You can choose between doesents natural beaches – sandy, pebble or stone, sheltered or turned to open sea. You can spend your holliday in harmony with untouched nature around you, or on organize beach in camp near by, or on tennis yard. For those ones that as holliday understood exploring, this area offers a lot of destinations from each hidden cave, to the plenty of small islands, some of which are hidden truly surprises – prints of dinosaurs steps captured in stone, unique on Mediteran area, and at last, lighthouse Porer, a washing tower over this magic part of untouched nature.